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Welcome to Andeslan S.A.I.C., thanks for visiting our website.

Andeslan S.A.I.C. is an argentinian company that produces and commercializes knitted fabrics, wich trajectory is broadly known in the market.

Andeslan S.A.I.C. target is the development of the best products and services, that allows it to be a leader in the fabrics provision on the market.

Since the begining and up to now, Andeslan S.A.I.C. has succesfully gone through the switching argentinian economy, that is one of our pillars where you can lay your trust.

Our excellent personal dealing, the experience joined using carefully chosen raw materials, the always uploaded latest technology and the strict controls on every stage of the productive chain, are some of our distinctives features that guarantee our products highest quality to our customers.

The company relies on a modern and ample building, equiped with the latest generation technology, where the management, the administration offices, the finished products storehouse, despatch and traffic areas take places.

The in and out goods logistic is fully acomplished by the company, that rely upon modern transportation units.  The dry-cleaner´s, completing the fabric, has allowed the company to guarantee the highest quality of its products.

The Andeslan S.A.I.C. energy is focussed on attending the great changes that lead the course of industry and leading succesful undertakings with our clients.

This way, Andeslan S.A.I.C. puts at your disposal the products and results of a solid experience.

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